Friday, 23 March 2012

Episode 1 - The spare room

I'm planning to blog my vinyl collection. It could be a big job!
I'm going to start with the LPs in the spare room and then move on to the ones that have lived in boxes in the loft ever since we moved into this house 12years ago.
I have lots of LPs (hundreds , maybe thousands – a bold claim but I’ve never counted them since I was 13 when all of my LPs lived together in one vinyl case) and along the way I aim to get them into some sort of order, maybe even sort out the ‘proper storage’ I’ve been threatening all these years. I may even catalogue or alphabetise them (although I’ve always had a slight mistrust of people who do this!).
Many of my records have been cherished and played regularly during the 34 years since I started collecting (I use this word loosely, I’m more of a gatherer than a collector!), but there are also hundreds that I just ‘own’.
I am embarrassed to admit that there are lots of records in my collection that I’ve never even listened to (‘Blue’ by Joni Mitchell and for example) and many that I never want to hear again (I have no idea how I managed to amass so many Toyah singles!).
I have more singles than I have LPs, but they can wait for another time – maybe even another year!
So let's start with the LPs from the spare room.
(Soundtrack to this post - I am the Fly by Wire)

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