Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cassette experiment day 9 - Poly Styrene 'Translucence'

As I walked round HMV today with the team slowly dismantling shelves ready for the big close down, my misty eyes were drawn toward a CD that I’ve been considering purchasing for a little while – ‘Trouble’ by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.
I tell you this for three distinct reasons
1. To show (despite the evidence to the contrary within my cassette collection) that I’m not permanently stuck musically between 1978 and 1987
2. To show that I listen to BBC 6Music
3. To show that I will not be tempted away from tapes by shiny CDs for at least the next 6 months (Rule 1 of ‘the great 6 month cassette experiment’)
All of that being said I do have a confession to make. After many months of trying I finally managed to get hold of a vinyl copy of ‘Translucence’ just a few days ago. It’s been somewhat of a personal crusade to finally replace the slightly stretched tape version of what you may or may not know is number 30 on my ‘favourite albums of all-time’ list with a vinyl alternative.
A brilliant, uplifting, under-appreciated and rarely heard post-punk (but not particularly ‘post-punk’) classic that has much in common with that other great lost album of the time ‘Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls’ by the aforementioned Pauline Murray and her also aforementioned Invisible Girls.
‘Translucence’ is a dreamy, summery album that couldn’t be further from Poly’s earlier X-Ray Spex tunes (‘Germfree Adolescents’ is number 26 on my ‘favourite albums of all-time’ list incidentally). Picking favourite tracks is not really appropriate for such a great album, but if pressed I would point you in the direction of the title track or ‘Day that time forgot’. I’m not sure how much luck you’ll have finding a copy to listen to these tracks though – unless you already own a copy, in which case you’ll know exactly what I’ve been waffling on about.
Label – United Artists
Year - 1980

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