Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The great 6 month cassette experiment - XTC The Big Express

I’d like to start today by pointing out two things;
1 I like XTC
2 I have an annoying habit of describing something as ‘interesting’ when what I really mean is it’s not very good.
Now that I’ve got that cleared up I feel ready to tell you that I find ‘The Big Express’ by XTC to be an extremely interesting album. It has many of the attributes that you might look for in a great album, such as sea-shanty influences, whistling, seagulls, donkeys, segued tracks etc. and somehow still misses the mark by some considerable amount. I’ve always wanted to love this album, but somehow I just can’t seem to do so.
There are some good bits too though (just not enough of them!), but if you are able to listen to ‘Train running low on soul coal’ without being driven to hurl your cassette player out of your car window, then you have stranger musical tastes than me. And, let’s face it, with a title like that it should be outstanding!
On an unrelated note, while travelling through Durham today I saw a chicken enthusiastically looking for food on a grass verge right in the centre of the city. She may well have been squashed by now.

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