Monday, 11 March 2013

Cassette experiment day 26 - Tyka Nelson 'Royal Blue'

When it comes to music collecting (although for me it’s more a case of accumulating) I’m not what you could call a completist. In fact I see myself as more of an ‘incompletist’, always happier to spend my £10 on five albums than on one.
I do have some exceptions to my rule though and one such exception is the diminutive genius, Prince. During the 1980s if Minneapolis’ finest had pushed your buttons or twiddled your knobs then I was all over you like a rash. Sheila E, The Family, The Time, Wendy & Lisa, Madhouse, Apollonia 6, Martika and more besides found themselves firmly nestled in my music accumulation.
In many cases the Prince-related albums that I accumulated only actually merited one listen – often less than that in the case of Madhouse.
Imagine then my excitement when, in 1988, I chanced upon a cassette by the little axe-hero’s very own little sister, Tyka.
It’s still difficult to know exactly how much Prince actually had to do with the album as his guest appearances were often made under a pseudonym, although he does receive a grateful thank you from his little sibling.
The album is very well produced, and pleasant but unfortunately musically fairly unremarkable, with ‘L.O.V.E.’ and Marc Anthony’s Tune’ being the best tracks.
If you’re a Prince completist you might like to consider hunting this one out, but if you’re not there’s really nothing here that you don’t already have on your albums by 5 Star.
Label – Chrysalis/Cooltempo
Year - 1988

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