Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cassette experiment day 39 - Nanci Griffith 'Storms'

There are times, such as when a British winter stretches all the way to Easter, that you need a nice soft, fluffy blanket to keep you warm.
I’m thinking one of those crocheted ones with lots of little squares made by plump little crafty crocheters and stitched together with lots of love.
Fittingly my choice of album today to warm me on my drive to work and back in the sub-zero County Durham temperatures was the musical equivalent of a warm, comfy, cosy blanket – ‘Storms’ by Nanci Griffith.
A little ‘twee’ and over-polished in places, but ultimately a very satisfying and warming, ‘grown-up’ album, with fine tracks like ‘Drive-in movies and dashboard lights’ and ‘You made this love a teardrop’ which features Phil Everly on ‘harmony vocal’.
Other favourites here include ‘It’s a hard life wherever you go’ (where Nanci ruminates on ‘the troubles’ with her Belfast taxi driver, Seamus – very much better than that description makes it sound!) and ‘Brave companion of the road’ (where Nanci comes across as a much sweeter version of our experiment subject of a couple of days ago, her MCA stable-mate, Steve Earle). Luckily, on a cold day, this album offers many other songs to give you a satisfying glow (a bit like Ready Brek).
Like many of the best female ‘country’ singers, Nanci has a voice like warm honey.
As a reaction, I’m going to listen to something much ‘grimier’ tomorrow – can you guess what is yet?
Label – MCA
Year - 1989

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