Friday, 12 July 2013

Cassette experiment day 111 - Ready for the world - 'Ready for the world'

Apparently, ‘sex’ sells. It’s a theory that’s difficult to argue with. Book shops certainly seem to be flogging loads of copies of ’50 shades of Grey’ and the Durham branch of Ann Summers has seen off the combined high-street regulars of Woolworths, HMV and Blockbuster. I do know, however, that they weren’t in direct competition. I’ve even been encouraged, by someone who will remain nameless for the sake of their own modesty, to spice up the blog with a ‘sex scene’ to attract the potential mass of readers out there who now seem to be gagging for ‘that type of thing’.
You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve decided to resist the temptation to court the erotic literature brigade, but our cassette today, ‘Ready for the world’ by Ready for the World certainly contains, as TV continuity announcers love to say, ‘scenes of a sexual nature’.
A 1985 album which fits nicely into the vaguely broad category of ‘R&B’, made by six Prince fans with skinny ties and wet-look perms who seem to have ‘one track minds’.
It’s great fun in a slightly nondescript kind of way, with nine tunes that manage to somehow navigate the extremely fine line between romantic and sleazy. With titles like ‘Deep inside your love’, ‘Slide over’ and ‘I’m the one who loves you’ it’s a fair bet you’re going to be in for some very smooth (and what used to be known in more innocent times as risqué) mid 1980s soul.
On the opening track ‘Tonight’ Mr Melvin Riley Jr. describes what he would like to do to you tonight. It’s a fairly straightforward premise. Incidentally, in this song when Melvin describes the object of his affection as being ‘so wet’ it doesn’t seem to carry the same stinging criticism as it did when Margaret Thatcher said the same thing about Geoffrey Howe.
‘Digital display’ bears more than a fleeting resemblance to Prince’s ‘Automatic’. It also includes the immortal line ‘excuse me if I start to play with your digital display’.
Best tunes here are undoubtedly ‘Oh Sheila’, which was almost (but not quite) a hit single in the UK and ‘Out of Town lover’.
It’s a little bit of fun, in a naughty way. I also have (on vinyl) RFTW’s second album, the evocatively (and provocatively) titled ‘Long time coming’.
Label – MCA records
Year – 1985

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